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GPrX Data captures all UK community prescribing data for hormone replacement therapies (HRT). Our online tool provides easy access to business intelligence for sales and marketing representatives.

Overall, HRT prescribing increased 8.5% in England and Wales in 2018 versus 2017 (by prescription items). Prescribing for adjunctive progestogen is the only class of HRT which saw a fall in prescribing in this period, falling 1.75% in terms of prescription items and 26.5% in terms of net ingredient cost. Sequential combined therapies saw the greatest increase in prescribing; rising 18.3% (items).

Unopposed oestrogen has the greatest market share of HRT, representing 40.6% of prescription items in 2018.

Select an RxIndex for the adjunctive progestogen, continuous combined, gonadomimetic, sequential combined and unopposed oestrogen markets.


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