GPrX Online

For better customer engagement.

GPrX Online puts sales intelligence right into the hands of the people who need it.

In just a couple of clicks, account managers can see exactly what a practice or CCG is prescribing.

Powered by GPrX, your team can:

  • Save time trying to uncover what HCPs are actually using
  • Use the most effective messaging to address the customer’s needs
  • Improve the quality of customer interactions
  • Build more effective relationships
  • Target the places where your proposition will be best placed to make an impact.

Sales representatives with GPrX save time and add more value to customer conversations. And that helps more patients benefit from your products.

GPrX Online includes:

  • Every primary care practice in UK.
  • Intelligent groupings by Category, Type, Company and Brand.
  • Territory mapping based on your sales structure or NHS geography.
  • All competitor products within your market.
  • Monthly updates within 6 weeks of sales period.

GPrX Online is easy to roll out:

  • Nothing to install or configure.
  • A proven, intuitive interface to surf your data.
  • Territory logins so everyone sees their own figures.
  • Standard summary and detailed reports, including dashboard.
  • Export to excel with unlimited downloads.
  • Free information like prescriber addresses and phone numbers, GP and nurse names, CCG clinical leads.
  • Great training to maximise your users' benefit from the subscription.

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Team feedback

Sales representatives share how they use GPrX

At a recent conference I checked the value of our business at the delegates' practices beforehand - that way I knew which ones to spend more time with when they came to the stand.
- GA
Probably the best targeting tool I've used
- KS
Where we get on formulary in a CCG, I can quickly identify which practices I need to target to pull the business through.
- MT
I have been making great use of GPrX and recently used it to ascertain market size for a particular product group in a new geographical area. I have also been making good use of it for Market Share data, historic sales and specific product line sales to support wider business activity.
- AY
I've recently visited a DN base as part of a follow up and wanted to check their usage of a certain product. It allowed me to focus my approach and ensure I was talking to them about relevant products/issues.
- DY
I use the online system a lot. Usually before calls to make sure I am aware of the current situation regarding both our products and competitor products.
- CG
I have prioritised every surgery and this has helped me target the higher prescribing surgeries rather than just book meetings with surgeries who just simply see.
- JE
I have been using the system last week to look regionally at the main areas of competitor spend. Great levels of details which in turn allows me to focus attention with the account managers in these areas.
- CG
GPrX gives us business intelligence at a practice level which is amazing.
- CF
It's really good to zone in on exactly where things are starting to kick off as well as looking at the potential business.
- JE
It has allowed me to improve the quality of call as I link the local CCG's priorities to the larger surgeries and so far the customers end up telling me that I have given them a solution to their current problems.
- AS
These practices are difficult to access and so normally may not have been as high a priority for targeting because of this reason. However, the GPRX data highlights the potential in them so clearly I am continuing to pursue them despite the access limitations and I am now trying to organise round table meetings within them where I bring a speaker to the practice.
- CM
I have run and exported lots of data for my team utilising GPrX, highlighting high potential areas.
- ST
I am using GPRX to help me target Practices where there is high usage of in Hertfordshire for example. These practices to be targeted to move over to .
- SB
I have used the territory focus dashboard to highlight over-use of Silver antimicrobial dressings in a particular area to a Tissue Viability team.
- BT
To identify practices with the highest market share in order to target them for upgrade strategy to .
- CH
I've used it to organise a list of surgeries and their usage of over the last 12 months (monthly data) for each territory to help them target their high usage surgeries when upgrading patients to our .
- MW
I have used it to be able to have a quick snap shot at my 20 highest and lowest ranked CCG’s for both our products.
- PS
A brilliant system which allowed me to tailor my call.
- KS
The accuracy of the Data is very impressive allowing a more tailored and specific call in terms of Goal Clarity and positive inoculation during the customer interaction.
- SB
The knowledge of current prescribing habits of an account is priceless.
- SP
Potential for business allows more efficient targeting and a more business rational assessment.
- CH
Great for saving reports and exporting them to use for altering my target list.
- EC
Great for drilling down to practice and products before a meeting or call, so I know exactly how much they have prescribed and which products.
- MC
Great tool, really useful and very beneficial.
- AS
I have used GPrX to rank use of each brand at a practice level, so I can see where I have had an impact.
- GJ
I have been analyzing the data to identify the high prescribers [which] would allow me to gain a quick win. I have also been checking where my growth and decline from competitors products are coming from
- AB
I've used it to look at HRT usage in a CCG where they want to commission a community O&G clinic.
- AC
I do love GPrX - its brilliant!
- EH