GPrX Enterprise

Practice Prescribing Data-as-a-Service

With GPrX Enterprise, Business Intelligence and Commercial Excellence teams can take advantage of our efficient, quality assured NHS dataset provided as a service.

We act as a trusted outsourced supplier to numerous manufacturers and distributors, efficiently serving fully transformed and audited prescribing data to their servers for use in data warehouses, CRM or BI platforms.

The service delivers reliable, auditable data widely used in financial reporting, in calculating NHS payer rebates and staff compensation.

Our in-house data team is dedicated to maintaining the GPrX Core database that powers all our online subscribers. It's at the very heart of our own business operations. So we understand first-hand your imperative for accurate, reliable and timely data.


  • Harmonised UK primary care dataset
  • Weekly / monthly updates
  • Relevant drugs or devices categorised by therapy area
  • Automated and team-backed monthly data sourcing
  • Quality assurance performed before delivery
  • Liaison with NHS suppliers inc troubleshooting
  • Copyright and license provided for in-house re-use
  • Covered by significant professional indemnity insurance


  • Full prescribing product dataset
  • Back data available from 2010
  • Historic and current lens options for NHS org changes
  • Manufacturer, brand, therapeutic area tags for relevant product sets
  • Groupings by territory or postcode “brick”
  • Reprocessing of legacy client data
  • Data comparison and validation service
  • Hospital initiated community scripts (FP10H / regional equivalent)
  • Multiple data transfer options
  • Fully supported setup and transition.

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There is a whole lot of maintenance doing this internally and we're not a data management team. I'd like my analysts to be more focused on where they can add more value.
- Director of Commercial Excellence, UK Pharma manufacturer
Getting the data sooner is definitely a competitive advantage.
- Business Intelligence Manager, pharmaceutical manufacturer
This data doesn't change from month to month, so we don't have to repeat our analysis and explain adjustments.
- Commercial Insights Manager, pharmaceutical manufacturer