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We know everyone is talking big data, but what does it mean for your business?

NHS data can be hard to track down.  Every UK nation seems to publish datasets in a different format and at a different time.

At GPrX our team knows what’s up to date and what's not.  We've pulled together some frequently requested resources and put them into an accessible format.  So you can get on with using the intelligence, rather than trawling the web for it.

Can't find what you are looking for?  Get in touch and we'll do our best to help!

General Downloads

NEW : GPrX Data Release Schedule 2018
Monthly data release dates for each UK nation
NEW : Flash Glucose Monitoring Summary Update
Updated information on prescriber uptake of FreeStyle Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring sensors by NHS prescribers in primary care in the UK
Early Adopter Prescribing Report - Freestyle Libre
Initial prescriber uptake of Freestyle Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring sensors by NHS prescribers in England
Diabetes Community Prescribing 2016
Detailed analysis of community prescribing for diabetes in England and Wales Jan '15 to Dec '16
UK Diabetes PCO Spend per patient with diabetes
Community spend by primary care organisation in UK per patient with diabetes in 2015
GPrX Opioid Prescribing in UK 2015
A report on opioid prescribing in UK in 2015
White paper on sales figure sources
Which figures give the best measurement of sales figures for pharma and appliances?
UK PCO map
Need a map showing you the boundaries of every primary care organisation in the UK?

Directories Downloads

NEW : Dispensing practices by UK nation 2018
Need the contact details of all the dispensing practices in the UK for every nation?
NEW : Appliance contractor directory February 2018
Are you looking for the names and addresses of all the registered dispensing appliance contractors?
NEW : Drug Tariff Part 8
The latest version of Part VIII (A & B) Drug Tariff
NEW : Drug Tariff Part 9
The latest version of Part IX Drug Tariff
UK PCO populations
Want the registered patient population in every primary care organisation in the UK?
Directory of Independent Pharmacies (England)
Contact names and addresses of all England Independent Pharmacies who have dispensed products in 2016


Exploring the potential of GP prescribing data.

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