Rapid intelligence.  Bespoke reporting.

Our rapid bespoke reporting service can jump-start your use of primary care prescribing data.

The NHS practice-level prescribing dataset contains a wealth of detail.  But interrogating it to produce real information can take time.  Let us fast-track your analysis with one of our bespoke Query reports.  We can answer questions like:

  • Which dispensing doctors prescribed our specialist product last year?
  • Which CCGs are high per capita prescribers of sexual health products?
  • Where are the early adopter / innovator practices in our market?
  • How has prescribing been affected by specialist clinics closing in the North East?

It's easy to get your Query report:

  • Talk to one of our friendly team.
  • Decide on the scope of the report - geographic coverage, time period, and product ranges.
  • Choose a powerpoint or excel format for delivery.
  • Sit back and let send you the results - within 20 days, sooner if we can.

Query can help you to:

  • Quantify market trends and competitive activity.
  • Optimise sales team placement.
  • Evaluate new product adoption at practice & CCG level.
  • Identify prescribing rates & CCG formulary compliance.
  • Assess hospital influence on community prescribing.
  • Measure campaign effectiveness.

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