Why GPrX

Want Responsive?  That's us.

At GPrX we live and breathe NHS data.  Our mission is to deliver it to you in the most rapid and accessible way possible.  We want to supply really useful data, so that you can get real business results.

When you choose us, you can forget the pain of trying to wrestle with big NHS data.  Or the pain of trying to match traditional providers' samples of pharmacy data up to reality.  You can refocus your efforts on targeting actual prescribers, supported by the most rapid, accurate data available today.

Our clients love the fact we care.  Got a question?  Just give us a call.

What we love about prescribing data

  • Comprehensive: Our database contains details of every product prescribed in the community in the UK.
  • Accurate: The figures cover all the actual prescriptions, so you know exactly what was written and subsequently charged to the NHS.
  • Detailed: You get an exact picture of how you and your competitors are performing.
  • Specific: Sales pinpointed to each precise prescribing location, making targeting easier and bonusing fairer.

Why get it from GPrX?

  • We’re rapid: Sales figures are updated in GPrX Online from within 45 days of the sales period.
  • We’re efficient: Our dedicated team harmonises the data from all 4 UK nations.
  • We’re dedicated: Our experts focus on keeping the insight up to date month in, month out.
  • We’re established: We’ve provided prescription data covering £5 billion to over 300 users in the past 3 years.
  • We’re transparent: You get a price per market, not per product line.  Choose from pay-monthly or discounted annual subscription.

Meet the directors

Joanna Burnett

Joanna Burnett

Co-founder and CEO

Joanna has been hands-on developing the company's offerings since day one.  The intelligence and analytics embedded in GPRX systems let us supply more than "just data", but she is always keen to translate complexity into really useful output that makes a difference to our clients.  She loves a challenge; her mantra is "If it was easy, everyone would be doing it."


Paul Reed

Paul Reed

Co-founder and CTO

Paul has several decades of experience in designing and producing robust and highly scalable cloud-based software for multinationals in telecoms and pharma.  He combines his talent as a highly experienced systems and data architect with a keen client focus and a healthy sense of humour.


How to find us

  • GPrX Data Ltd
  • St John's Innovation Centre
  • Cowley Road
  • Cambridge
  • CB4 0WS

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