Why GPrX

Specialists in NHS prescribing data.

GPrX Data was established in 2012 with the aim of making NHS prescribing data easily accessible for commercial business intelligence.

We’ve been ruthlessly dedicated to prescribing data since the outset, and have built up extensive industry-specific expertise across a broad range of therapy areas. Many of our clients subscribe to GPrX Online, our web-based portal that gives teams immediate access to data and analysis for doing their jobs.

But we’re more than just a pretty interface. We’re a data engine.

Raw NHS prescribing data needs intelligence adding to make it really usable in a commercial setting. It needs sourcing, processing, categorising, checking, matching, standardising, updating, and checking again. It’s fiddly, time-consuming work requiring dedicated, skilled resource.

We know this, because this is what we do.

Your commercial analytics package is only as good as the data that powers it. And we work to make sure it's good, because this data is our business.

Meet the directors

Joanna Burnett

Joanna Burnett

Co-founder and CEO

Joanna has been hands-on developing the company's offerings since day one.  The intelligence and analytics embedded in GPRX systems let us supply more than "just data", but she is always keen to translate complexity into really useful output that makes a difference to our clients.  She loves a challenge; her mantra is "If it was easy, everyone would be doing it."

Paul Reed

Paul Reed

Co-founder and CTO

Paul has several decades of experience in designing and producing robust and highly scalable cloud-based software for multinationals in telecoms and pharma.  He combines his talent as a highly experienced systems and data architect with a keen client focus and a healthy sense of humour.

How to find us

  • GPrX Data Ltd
  • St John's Innovation Centre
  • Cowley Road
  • Cambridge
  • CB4 0WS

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